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Julia Kristeva: A Bibliography

Hélène Volat

The Portable Kristeva. Edited by Kelly Oliver. New York: Columbia University Press, 1997. 410 p. rev. ed. 2002. Includes essays from Sens et non sens de la révolte. La Révolte intime and Hannah Arendt.

    Contains :

PART 1: Kristeva's Trajectory in Her Own Words
"My Memory's Hyperbole" (1984) from New York Literary Forum : 3-26. [Tr. Athena Viscusi]
First published in L'Infini as "Mémoires" (1983)

PART 2: The Subject in Signifying Practice

     Revolution in Poetic Language (1974)

: 27
        "The Semiotic and the Symbolic. (chapters 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 12): 32 

           Translated by Margaret Waller in Camille Roman, Suzanne Juhasz and Christanne Miller, eds., The Women and Language Debate. A              Sourcebook. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press: 45-55. (chapter from Revolution in poetic language).

      Desire in Language (1980)

        "From One Identity To an Other: 93. First published as "D'une identité l'autre." Tel quel 62. Reprinted in Polylogue

Translated in Wide Angle, 3, no. 3 (1984): 42-47; in Todd May, ed., Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 1997: 259-277; and in Kelly Oliver, ed. French Feminism Reader, Lamham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2000: 158-65.

       Time and Sense (1994)

        "Is Sensation a Form of Language? (abridged): 116. First published as "La Sensation est-elle un language ?" in Revue de                              Psychopathologie 3, pp. 9-30. Trans. Ross Guberman in Time and Sense. 


           "Freudian Time": 129 PART 3:

oanalysis of Love. A Counterdepressant

        Tales of Love (1983)

        "Freud and Love: Treatment and its Discontent" (abridged): 137
        "Throes of Love: The Field of the Metaphor (abridged): 162
        "Extraterrestrials Suffering for Want of Love": 170

        Black Sun (1987)

         "Psychoanalysis: A Counterdepressant": 180

New Maladies of the Soul (1993)

        "The Soul and the Image" (abridged): 203
"In Times Like These Who Needs Psychoanalysts": 209

PART 4: Individual and National Identity

Powers of Horror (1980)

        "Approaching Abjection" (abridged) : 229
        "From Filth to Defilement" (abridged): 248
Strangers to Ourselves (1989)

        "Toccata and Fugue for the Foreigner": 264
        "Might Not Universality Be ... Our Own Foreigness" (abridged): 282
        "In Practice": 292

PART 5: Maternity, Feminism and Female Sexuality

        Desire in Language (1980)

        "The Maternal Body (1975) from "Motherhood According to Bellini": 301
        Tales of Love (1980)
        "Stabat Mater" (1976): 308

        "Julia Kristeva in conversation with Rosalind Coward" (1984): 331

        New Maladies of the Soul (1993)

        "Women's Time" (1977): 349
        "Interview with
Elaine Hoffman Baruch on feminism in the United States and France" (1980): 369

        Black Sun (1989)

        "Illustrations of Feminine Depression": 381

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